Less Musings

Today, I realized I used some of my hard earned money to buy this blog that I never attend to.  Writing is an exercise so please excuse me for just coming here to get some reps in without immediately showing up as a perfectly in shape blogger at the first go.

This week for me has been about how do I want to grow?  My spring cleaning is kicking in and I want to have less things and more quality.  I’ve lost about seven pounds in the last two weeks just by eating 99% vegan on the weekdays.  I daily think about how I need to read more into my faith and focus more time on that instead of Instagram.  We almost bought 18 acres of land this week (right, I know?! WTH) but I think have settled into really giving our little cottage the hard work and love she deserves before leaving her behind. More than anything, I just want a routine, a schedule, an organized life.  It ALWAYS makes me a happier person.  Always.

A little inside joke I’ve had with my mom for years is how freakin’ excited I get over choosing and purchasing a new day planner.  I love the academic planners that run from Summer to Summer because Christmas is not the time to change over a planner, IMO.  Most of the time, it’s bought at Target while shopping together and I do a little ceremony with music and dance and she just rolls her eyes and laughs.  Y’all, I’ve even bought new planners within the year because I messed up some pages or the format all of a sudden isn’t working for me.  JUDGE NOT.  Other times when I’ve purchased one without her as my shopping buddy, I immediately text her with a picture of me hugging it and she remarks on how weird I am.  This coming from a lady that still keeps an enormous trapper keeper under her couch with multiple calendars, a mesh zipped pouch, spiral notebooks and checkbook ledger.  (OMG I even found it online… it’s exactly this one! It crazy)

Maybe I’ll do less musings and more creative things I’ve tried?  Maybe I’ll keep rambling, stay tuned!

Author: RudeWife

#rudewife I think the world really needs a blog from me.

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