Weird Week

I came back from a girls’ trip to the Bahamas a couple of weeks ago.  I have to say, it was a trip I desperately needed.  I (think I) was fun, I danced terribly and didn’t care and I actually thought a LOT about my life even though I was there to girl-power it up and celebrate my beautiful friend’s upcoming wedding.  I roomed with two girls I’d never met before and had the privilege to re-experience that tender feeling of getting to know a new incredible person from absolute scratch and HAVING to communicate with them daily – morning, noon and night.  I felt like there a fine-tuning spiritually because I sat back a lot and just really listened to these women and could hear what their spirits were saying… whether it was “I’m so happy with my life and I’m having a blast but I miss my home more than I thought I would!” or “I need to confide in someone and feel human connection desperately.” and even “I look like I have it all together but I’m normal like everyone else and I can be anxious and timid, too.”  It was so heart filling to laugh about the craziest things and be forced into incredibly awkward situations and still end up laughing and expanding your mind.

I say all of this to mean, I came back exhausted but also so refreshed. It was a hard reset on my mind, on my faith and just what I wanted and needed in my life.  I had mad jealousy at most of the girls who really took care of their bodies and their health and probably said out loud at least five times at how they inspired me to buck up and take better care of myself.

Husband and I have been saying for months that once I came back from this trip, we’d no longer use birth control and start working on making a baby.  And trolls, we use “organic” birth control so don’t come at me with how I need to be off the pill for so long.   I got this, mmkay?  So this week, being all revitalized from my trip but also feeling like a luscious hippo from the pina coladas and being married to an amazing chef, I asked Husband to join me in a reset on our health and spirituality and do a vegan/Daniel fast.  Immediately, I lost five pounds.  Like, I snapped and I pooped it all out or something. I also got extremely sick on Friday and after a doctor visit, I magically remembered the last time I did a Daniel fast and how I got so sick that I had to be on IV-fluids.  My doctor at that time told me to never do this fast again.  GEEZ-A-LEEZ.  So, we’re going to do a few days on and a few days off just so my body doesn’t try to shut down like it has so many times before. Any other immune disorder people out there?  It can be so frustrating.

Well, this post is ADD and boring but I’m writing so I’m not stopping.  Eat it.

Since the first day of our fast, Husband got moved within his company AGAIN much to his dismay, I got sick, huge family drama blip and we think we’ve decided to sell our house that we’ve almost been in for a year.  Lots. Of. Movement.

So, that’s why it’s a weird week.  I got to see my 64 year old dad take my 61 year old mom on a four-wheeler ride today though so there’s that to make us smile.


Author: RudeWife

#rudewife I think the world really needs a blog from me.

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