So I just watched Keiko Lynn‘s IG story (FTR:  I adore Keiko) and she’s hosting a Galentine’s Brunch.  At 1:30 PM.  On a Wednesday.  For 20 seconds, I was like “Who TF has the kind of life where they can attend that on a normal ol’ Wednesday at 1:30 PM?  I’m stuck here in my office forced to listen to the ONE radio station I can pick up in this bunker hole because the company won’t let us stream or give us wi-fi.  AND I’m drinking a Diet Coke that I had to get from the Krystal’s across the street!”

This inner monologue rant was abruptly stopped by the shudder that ran through my shoulders at the thought of a large group of women coming to spend the afternoon with me expecting brunch.  At 1:30 PM.  On a Wednesday.   I am such an introverted/rude person that I quickly guessed half of those women secretly hate Keiko and are using her to network or something in that vile neighborhood.

I choose to be grateful for the life/job security I have and the fact that I don’t have to put myself through the (to me) hell of a social event to stay relevant and fresh.

But seriously, I love Keiko.  No offense to her. I LOVE YOU KEIKO.  OK, I’m stopping.

2017 post. Late. Get over it.

On New Year’s Eve this year, Polite Husband and I laid on our respective couches and watched Stranger Things until like 11pm.  We didn’t even drink because I had thoughtfully scheduled dental work the Friday before and was on pain killers.  After climbing into bed and putting on some Frasier to fall asleep to, I started asking him some of these questions.  Although I have one of the sweetest and caring husbands, he was NOT into answering them and I had to admit to myself that men do not always like answering questions such as these in the same way most women LIVE to answer them.  So here goes my two blog followers!

What was the single best thing that happened this past year?

Buying our house.  I think I figured up that I’ve moved 13 times since the age of 19.  WHY

What was the single most challenging thing that happened?

Being newly married and being married to someone with an opposite work shift.

What was an unexpected joy this past year?

I didn’t expect to get the job I applied for within my company.  I moved to a new department and work with some great new people!

What was an unexpected obstacle?

Having to listen to God and cut out friendships that weren’t positive for me

Pick three words to describe this past year.

Educational, intense, quick

Pick three words your partner would use to describe your year—don’t ask them; guess based on how you think your spouse sees you.

Challenging, fruitful, over (inside joke)

Pick three words your partner would use to describe their year—again, without asking.

Challenging, confirming, blessed

What were the best books you read this year?

I am ashamed to admit that I maybe read one or two books that I don’t even truly remember.  I’m usually such an avid read that I’m a little ashamed of this answer.  boohoooo

Who were your most valuable relationships with?

Husband, sister, mother, BFF

What was your biggest personal change from January to December of this past year?

I think it was not being a turd of a person.  I cut/exchanged a lot of bad habits for less bad or better habits and I tried to think more before erupting.  Also, weight gain is a bitch.

In what way(s) did you grow emotionally?

I started investing more in the friendships that built me up and made me feel good about myself.  I stopped investing in people who kept me emotionally bankrupt.

In what way(s) did you grow spiritually?

I think I did better with inviting God into my everyday routine life instead of just when I needed help.  Eternally working on being better at this, though.

In what way(s) did you grow physically?

I gained weight in a way that all of a sudden, I was like “How did I go up a size overnight?”  Gross.

In what way(s) did you grow in your relationships with others?

No offense, but see above

What was the most enjoyable part of your work (both professionally and at home)?

I liked seeing that I can do almost anything if I truly try.  I enjoy faring for myself.

What was the most challenging part of your work (both professionally and at home)?

Being bored or not having the resources to do what I wish I could do

What was your single biggest time waster in your life this past year?


What was the best way you used your time this past year?

Turning off all tvs, phones, etc and knitting, meditating, being present with my furbabes

What was biggest thing you learned this past year?

I can be a real big pain in the ass and it’s not always a treasure to share life with me. 

Create a phrase or statement that describes this past year for you.

You must the leading lady in your own life. 


I stepped in dog crap.

I was talking to the women in my department at work this morning and I go to cross my legs as we’re sitting in an open circle with one another when I spot a huge wad of dog crap on my shoe.  Then, I notice another smear of it on my actual skin (strappy shoes *middle finger*).  Now no matter how many times I’ve checked and cleaned, I still smell dog shit.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

This week has been the week of dog crap.  And I just laughed at myself because the big cloud of drama in my life is ALSO literally involving dog crap!  Someone I love had a simple outpatient procedure about two weeks ago and was hospitalized this week because she acquired e. coli due to home environment.  It’s hard to sit back and watch someone you love live a life like that.  It’s like watching them skip slow-motion into a house fire.  I’ve dealt with anger, being judgmental and finally just mixed waves of compassion and disappointment.  Combine this with conflicting points of view from other loved ones and it’s just sort of flooding everyone’s basement right now.

*whiff of dog shit*  I seriously still smell it.  WHY

I’ve also had another loved one dealing with a crumbling relationship and the wild roller coaster of emotions that go along with it.  It’s a very one-sided struggle and my friend is fighting and fighting while the other just sits back and enjoys watching the struggle.  I am a very opinionated person who works very hard on keeping my thoughts to myself (I also pray that God helps me and puts His hand over my mouth as much as possible) and it’s been a lesson in listening because people just want to be heard.  I’m not the expert at anything so my advice is not accredited in any way whatsoever and is not needed.  Plus, I love fiercely and if you’re not being treated like a king or a queen by your partner, I see red.

This post is not funny or helpful.  Shut up.

First blog post, ever

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

I have been vying for my own slice of the internet since those AOL cd’s infiltrated the mailboxes in my small hometown. And when an ex-boyfriend yelled at me to put up or shut up about it, I still waited about seven years, married someone else and procured this domain about one week ago. SO THERE, (ex-boyfriend’s name)! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?

Hey.  I just wanted a little place to put down crazy rants, good advice and maybe offer something that changes your day for the better or at least makes you laugh the tiniest bit.